What Might Be Hiding in the Couch Cushions

Reasons Not to Put Off Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Do you know what might be hiding in the couch you sit on or in the carpets adorning your beautiful living room? Even if everything looks clean on the surface, there could be many contaminants hiding deep between the fibers. That’s why it’s important to invest in timely carpet & upholstery cleaning services. The following are a few examples of contaminants that can hide in carpeting and upholstery:

This is a common and not very surprising contaminant that we all know lurks behind every corner. Even if you vacuum weekly and wipe down your upholstered surfaces regularly, the dust has a way of hiding between the fibers. When we step on the carpet or sit on the couch, the dust particles get released into the air. Timely cleaning can help reduce the amount of dust.

Mites and Bedbugs
Dust mites and bedbugs are tiny insects that live in upholstered furniture, carpeting, pillows, mattresses, bedding, and curtains. Mites feed on dead skin cells and bedbugs bite and feed on blood. Deep and timely carpet & upholstery cleaning can help keep these insects out of the home.

Pet Hair and Fleas
Anyone who has ever had house pets knows that they shed and their hair gets everywhere. If you have indoor pets, it’s exceedingly important to have your carpets and upholstered furniture cleaned often to remove pet hair and deal with possible flea infestations.

Dead Skin Cells
Humans shed skin cells on a daily basis. Although they’re not usually visible to the naked eye, these skin cells end up on our furniture and in our carpets. This can easily attract mites which is something that’s best avoided.

Food Particles and Bacteria
If the conditions are right, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants can develop and live on our furniture. Food particles can contribute to the problem. To avoid such issues, have your furniture and carpets cleaned thoroughly and frequently and keep the moisture levels in your home low.

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