Not Just a Air Duct Cleaning Company: We Also Do Water Damage Restoration

A1 Red Carpet Cleaning Denver is known as a reliable air duct cleaning company in Denver, CO. However, we don’t just clean HVAC ductwork systems — we also specialize in water damage restoration! If your house has been damaged in a flood, or if one of your water pipes has burst and flooded your home, just contact us and we’ll take care of the issue.

DIY vs Professional Restorations

Many homeowners decide to fix water damage issues on their own. However, before you use the DIY approach, but you should take note that doing water damage restoration isn’t a walk in the park. If you’re not sure what steps to take, or if you don’t have the right tools and equipment, you might end up making mistakes along the way. These mistakes can lead to mold and mildew growth, warped and rotten wood, and other issues that can further damage your home.

To avoid this scenario, it’s best to let the experts handle the water damage restoration process. This way, you’re assured that your property will be brought back to its original condition and that you won’t experience any lasting issues due to water damage. Of course, you’ll save time and energy since someone else will tackle the restoration process on your behalf.

Why Should You Get Our Help?

We’re not the only water damage experts in Denver, CO, so why should you opt to use our services? The answer is simple: we will do a great job and restore your property back to good shape!

We use industrial-grade machines that allow us to completely remove excess water from your property and make it dry and clean. We also use tried-and-tested techniques to complete the process in a quick and efficient way and bring your house back to excellent condition within the shortest possible time.

Contact Us Today

A1 Red Carpet Cleaning Denver should be your first port of call if you need reliable water damage restoration solutions in Denver, CO. Dial (720) 386-6691 now to speak with our experts and take advantage of our services! You can also give us a ring if you’re searching for a professional air duct cleaning company that can help you clean your property’s HVAC ductwork system.

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